Indian Institute for Human Settlements


August 2020 - Present

Kindly reach out to discuss my projects at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. 

Projects with Dr. Anaka Aiyar


April 2020 - August 2020

One of the projects I assisted Dr Anaka Aiyar with was on studying the impact of a government health insurance scheme on health and health spending in India. We used several large health datasets (NSSO and Census). I worked on cleaning and integrating the datasets, and consequently making inferences from the summary statistics and regression estimations. We used a panel data estimation to test answer our research questions. I now work as a co-author on the project. 

Another project was on understanding the initial spread of COVID-19 in India. We used publically available district-level data on COVID-19 cases and deaths, along with information on important lockdown dates, to model the spread of the infection. We were able to observe that the cases initiated at 'hotspots' and spread from there. 

Great Lakes Institute of Management

Chennai, India


September 2019 - March 2020

I assisted Dr. Vidya Mahambare and Dr. Sowmya Dhanaraj in studying 'Travel mobility across cities in South India'. The primary data collected for the study were cleaned and analyzed. The travel data was mapped on Tableau based on start and end points. Differences in speed and other travel-related variables amongst different groups were inspected. We use regression analysis to make inferences on the heterogeneity in travel patterns, and understand how it is a function of the city's shape and infrastructure. 

The work is in progress, and I am contributing as a co-author.

Reserve Bank of India

Chennai, India


May 2019 - July 2019

I was a research intern at the Financial Inclusion and Development Department of the South Regional Office of the Reserve Bank of India. I worked on an individual project that observed the government's crop insurance scheme's perceptions and analyzed its drawback. The study was based on fieldwork at the Sivagangai and Theni districts of Tamil Nadu, India. I interacted with over 120 farmers to learn about their crop patterns, alternative sources of income, and their need for crop insurance. I used a logit regression analysis to identify the characteristics that determined a farmer's propensity to enrol in the program. There were stark differences in the enrolment rate and I had identified some factors explaining the same. The results of the study, along with some policy suggestions was suggested to the Financial Inclusion department.

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